360° Solution

ScreenCoach is a combination of two positive parenting solutions in one!

  1. Parental device management across many devices
  2. Rewards system

The combination of these two systems in one means a) Kids time can be tracked and managed across multiple devices, and b) kids can earn more time! So, if they nag you for more time you can ask them, “What you can do to earn time?” In a matter of days, you will be wondering if aliens have abducted your children and replaced them with upgraded kids!

ScreenCoach is flexible and easily customisable, allowing you to increase functionality as your kids grow or as their behaviour needs managing. ScreenCoach is a combination of software (an App) and hardware (Harmony Box) which provides a 360⁰ view of all devices in your home, even when the WiFi is off.

Home Harmony Solution

  • Manages Gaming Consoles used on TV’s (e.g.: Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Wii)
  • Manages TV Screen Time, including Cable TV (Foxtel) and streaming service (e.g.: Netflix, Nine Now, Disney Plus)
  • Manages Tablets, Phones, Laptops and Desktop Computers
  • Set and Forget for Parents
  • Unique Pin allows individual tracking on shared devices
  • See your families screen habits in real time (when online)
  • Manages screen times whether the Wi-Fi is ON or OFF
  • Let’s Kids Earn More Time (via chores, music, homework, physical activity etc)
  • Let’s You Reward Good Behaviours

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