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Tokens and Gems are like “magic fairy dust”, and a great way to reward good behaviour, activity or WHATEVER is important in your home. 

Little Maddox is obsessed with his iPad and Nintendo Wii and we want him to take out the garbage or try really hard at footy practise. No problem, ScreenCoach allows you to reward him based on the activities you want to reward. 

Developed as a gamified platform, ScreenCoach engages the kids allowing their good behaviour to help them “level up” and get better. We talk their language to keep them engaged so you don’t need to nag them. 

Tokens (Time)

  • Tokens are your child’s gateway to earning more screen time. Get dressed for school, unpack the dishwasher, try hard at piano lessons, no matter what’s important in your home you can set up a Token allowing them to earn more screen time through a positive reward system.  
  • Ad-Hoc Rewards – if your child has a great day and you’re proud, you can acknowledge their success and reward them with extra Tokens or Gems. It is Positive Parenting at its best. 
  • Warning – you may not recognise your kids when they start taking initiative to earn more time.      

“When my youngest stacked the dishwasher, cleaned the kitchen and made lunch for us - all without being asked - I thought aliens had abducted her!”Peter, VIC

Gems (Pocket Money)

  • Some tasks or activities are harder to motivate, which is where we use the gem system. 
  • Gems are points the kids can cash in for pocket money.
  • You can choose the ratio of gems to dollars in the settings, e.g.: taking out garbage: 10 Gems = $1.  Don’t worry although you can customise everything, ScreenCoach comes with all of this preset so you’re ready to start.

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