Gaming Control

In 2018 the World Health Organisation (WHO) added gaming addiction to the international category of diseases. Combine that with the fact that E-Gaming is now a multi-BILLION dollar sport that can offer professional careers for “gamers”, and the gaming industry spends millions ensuring the games are as engaging and addictive as possible.

As parents, we are now stuck between a rock and a hard place, how do we give our teen’s freedom to play their games while creating a harmonious tech-life balance? ScreenCoach is a world first product that can manage ALL Gaming Consoles connected through your television.

With Tamper Protection, your child must log in to their user account to start playing. If they have not earnt tokens or have any allotted time left, the Harmony Box won’t allow them to play. The only way they can play is to earn more time by taking initiative with their activity list e.g.: chores, homework or being active. An added benefit is each user has a unique pin so they can’t steal their siblings' time. ScreenCoach is the first platform to recognise which child is using a device and track their time on it. Which is a game-changer for families that share devices.

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