Move More

The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne poll found excessive screen time, obesity, and lack of physical activity as the top 3 health problems our children face. ScreenCoach helps with all three of these, allowing you to reward your child’s movement and you could also reward them for eating more fruit and veg if you like!

We believe balance is the key to life. It may not be an issue when your kids are younger, but as they get into their tweens their devices can become much more appealing. ScreenCoach allows you to track their steps and reward it with tokens they can cash in for screen time or pocket money.

Data from their fitness tracker or smartwatch sync automatically and children can be awarded tokens for their activity. For instance, if you want your child to do 10,000 steps a day, anything over that is rewarded with tokens automatically roll into their account. In addition, you can reward your kids with Tokens or Gems if you know they have been active while not wearing an activity tracker.

ScreenCoach helps you reduce your nagging time and keeps the kids moving.

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