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Kids will be kids, right? By 8 they often know more about technology than we do. Our Parental Management platform has a series of world firsts to keep your home harmony in place. For example, if a sneaky tween leaves their bedroom and tries to disconnect the “Harmony Box” it will send you a notification. If you’re asleep and miss it, the Harmony Box buzzes and lights up with movement and gets louder and brighter as the child continues to try and unattach the system.

In addition, the Harmony Box has a built-in battery that keeps everything operational when unplugged providing you with access to all their activity.

Individual Pins - Each profile has its own PIN so kids cannot switch to their siblings' account and use their time. ScreenCoach intelligently knows each child’s information and tracks them uniquely.

Unique Profiles - You can set and adjust each family member’s settings individually, customising access to different types of rewards, screen time limits, and tasks to your child’s needs.

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