You have probably heard the expression that repetition reaps reward. With the help of ScreenCoach you can reward behaviours you’re looking to encourage, then praise their success by rewarding them with more screen time or pocket money. It’s an exciting new nag free approach to parenting.

Instead of a strict, “do as I say” policy which children often buck against, the ScreenCoach philosophy is to work with the child and positively reward good behaviour. With a commitment to the platform, great, healthy habits can be formed, and your tech management nightmare is over.

What are good habits to reward? Well, that’s up to you, but we have pre-set a series you can turn on or off based on your parental beliefs. Kids can earn TOKENS & GEMS for doing homework, helping with chores around the home, physical activity or achieving at school, sport, or music lessons. It is a fully flexible solution that can suit everyone.

Let’s start rewarding good behaviour in a fun and engaging gamified platform they will love.

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