Screen Tap

The key to everything in life is balance and moderation, so now you can help your kids learn important life habits in a safe and healthy way.

  • Allocated time slots - in addition to monitoring and managing overall screen time, ScreenCoach allows you to set up daily time slots that kids are allowed to play within. You might not want them playing before 7:30am or after 8pm. Or you might only allow them to play between 3pm and 6pm. You can set up multiple start and end times each day if you wish. A simple solution for bedtime, getting ready for school and fun times.
  • Time Limits - worried about kids spending too much time on any one device. With time limits parents decide how much (or how little) family members should spend across all devices or on any single device.
  • Off Time - schedule downtime(s) everyday as part of a healthy family habit for chores, homework or even a family dinner.
  • Pause - the kids can pause ScreenCoach, so when we say “Go Have a Bath” they don’t meltdown thinking they are losing their hard-earnt time. They simply hit the pause button and they can do anything asked of them.
  • Unique profiles – each profile can be set up uniquely based on the parent or child. Rewards, Tokens & Gems and everything in between can be customised to the individual. Each profile has its own PIN so kids can’t steal time from siblings, and everyone is responsible for their own time and rewards.
  • Shared Devices – gone are the days a shared device is hogged. With ScreenCoach each child uses their profile to use the device. So miss 4yo can’t hog it all day, she gets her allocated time then has to hand it over to her brother for his turn. Turn tantrums into a great lesson in sharing.

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