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The Harmony Box & Apps have been intelligently designed to track all devices at once and treats each child uniquely. Reducing your nagging time, while everyone wins. Each person in the house has their own unique “Pin” code, allowing everyone to share devices, television and gaming consoles. This means kids can share a tablet but only use their own earnt or allocated time.

All other Parental Control Systems require each device to be exclusively used by one person only, which doesn’t work for families who share devices! Most existing Parental Control Systems work on a “Router” system, which simply put, blocks the internet from your child’s device. Our clever kids know they can still play offline games and watch downloaded videos and content. A routers platform also assumes each child has their own device. ScreenCoach measures time across multiple devices for a user, even if they are using shared devices like Mum’s PC, Dad’s Xbox or the family TV.

What is a ROUTER?

Many Router based solutions claim to manage gaming consoles, please be aware this solution can only block web traffic for games like fortnight. It is not actually managing the actual gaming console. ScreenCoach manages the actual time the TV is used so offline games are measured.

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