Seeking Australian investment

Following the recent announcement of $670,000 investment from the Accelerate Commercialisation (AC) grant. ScreenCoach has launched an immediate capital raise. They are looking to raise additional funds in both equity and SAFE notes over the next 3 months.


The federal government’s investment is the second in ScreenCoach. Their initial support was for $330,000 in 2020. This second tranche of government funding was driven by the successful Alpha trials conducted in late 2020- as a result of the first tranche of support. They particularly liked the improvements ScreenCoach delivers to the family dynamic and the positive behaviour change in children.

Founders and current investors also love the $1,000,000 support from the federal government. It is not only a strong vote of confidence but comes with no equity or payback. This funding round will see the completion of Early stage Beta trials in the next few months.

ScreenCoach needs more funding as this is a huge project aiming to remain a wholly Australian-owned company; they are seeking further investment.

The company has strategically aligned itself with strong industry B2B partners. Letters of intent have been received, and conversations are progressing with potential distributors and affiliates as well as public/private schools, the law courts (for separated families) and other government departments.

For more details about becoming involved, contact Peter at

Stephanie Kakris

Stephanie Kakris

Stephanie Kakris has a Masters in Psychology and is a published parenting author. She is the co-founder of ScreenCoach, a combined hardware and software platform where kids are allocated a set amount of screen time, and after their time is up, they need to go and complete activities such as exercise, chores or non-screen play to earn more time before they can resume.
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