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Time to get the kids off screens and doing more Activities

It used to be a teenage problem: There are so many reasons why you should limit your kids screen time, they could fill a book …

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Screen Coaching and why kids need it

Screen Coaching our kids needs to start at a young age and it’s vital for their development and screen time behavior that they learn the …

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Technology Detox Devices

How to do a complete screen detox and keep your sanity intact!

Is it time for your kids to have a screen detox? If you’re willing to give it a try, we’ve detailed how you can do …

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Are you a parent who’s addicted to your phone?

If you’re a parent who is addicted to your phone you could be affecting your relationship with your kids and additionally teaching them bad habits. …

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Managing Screen Time on Holidays

With extra time at home over the school holidays, how do you plan on managing the kids screentime? Here are our thoughts on navigating this. …

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What is Dopamine and how does it keep us stuck on our screens?

We have heard of screen obsession and addiction, the struggle to put down the device is incredibly challenging. Dopamine plays a huge rule in that, …

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The Benefits of Self-Learning Activities with Screen Time

There are many positives to kids being on their screens, such as ‘active and creative’ screen time. Kids can learn a lot by watching videos, …

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How to win the screen time argument with your kids

It’s a constant argument in most households, the battle to get kids off their screens. So how do you win the screen time argument? Here …

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There are 6 types of screen time usage

Not all screen time falls under the one category, in-fact there are 6 types of screen time usage and as a parent it’s important to …

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Focus on what is happening during off-screen time too!

It’s great that you got your kids off their screens, but it’s just as important to now monitor their off-screen time too. Digital technology and …

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5 Steps on setting screen time rules with your children

With screen time at an all time high, health concerns for kids are increasing. Here are 5 steps on setting screen time rules in your …

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children-chores-dishes_hu5182678ac657bdc5b5759eca551e6fce_1330871_1024x0_resize_q75_box Activities

Why Kids Should Get Paid to Do Chores.By Alexia – Aged 12

12 year old Alexia writes a compelling homework article arguing why kids should get paid to do chores It is debated whether or not children …

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12 tips to survive the school holidays while working from home

GUEST BLOG POST – By Ali Bengough With this “new normal” we have with more parents working from home, balancing kids and work in the …

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Is your teen/tween getting enough sleep?

Sleep is essential for good physical and mental health. Not getting enough sleep can cause a number of issues, including a lowered immune system, difficulty …

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What are smart phones doing to our teens?

We have all sighed in frustration as our teens have trudged into our homes, eyes glued to their screens. We’ve heard the jokes and seen …

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Should homework count towards screen time?

For many of us, it doesn’t seem that long ago that homework was written by hand or tapped out on a typewriter. Even when computers …

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10 outdoor activities for teens and tweens

It’s no secret that kids these days spend a fairly large chunk of their time using screens. Some of that time may be as a …

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Why routines are good for teens

We’ve all heard the benefits of creating structure and routine for toddlers and young children. But did you know routines benefit teenagers, too? Of course, …

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How to reconnect with your kids

Connection is an important factor in a balanced relationship with your children and is essential to their overall wellbeing. It’s encouraging to know how many …

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Modelling desired behaviour around screen time for children

As a parent you are probably at least somewhat concerned about the amount of time your children are spending on screens. As a parent you …

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