New capital raise is now open

Following the recent announcement of $670,000 investment from the Accelerate Commercialisation (AC) grant . ScreenCoach has launched an immediate capital raise.

Gary Borham @garyborham 2 min

June 22, 2021


ScreenCoach secures $1 million in government backed funding

The latest AUD $671,500 earned from a second round of funding sees federal government support of ScreenCoach tip AUD $1 million, which will go towards rapid commercialisation of the game-changing app for families.

ScreenCoach @myscreencoach 3 min

June 15, 2021


Sandy Bolton gets behind local startups

Noosa MP Sandy Bolton speaks about commitment to start-up businesses in the local region.

ScreenCoach @myscreencoach 4 min

October 13, 2020