Nag-free screen management that rewards good habits

Sick of being the Nag Police or called a Fun Buster? Tired of constant arguments over screen time and “Tech Tantrums”? Or simply wish your kids would voluntarily play outside, do their homework, chores or practice the piano? Sounds too good to be true right?

Well it’s not! Developed by Psychologists, educators and parents, ScreenCoach is your modern-day tech superhero, allowing you to parent your way and support Home Harmony.

All in One Platform for EVERY Life Stage

Best of all, it works with your family from toddlers until the kids move out. A lifetime platform that grows with you - Two systems in one.

This family first platform is “set and forget”. It allows your kids to take initiative to earn more screen time. Warning – You may not recognise your children after a few weeks, they will be asking “What can I do to help mum?” It’s an exciting side effect of having ScreenCoach be your parenting partner in your home.

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A helping hand with technology

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Bye Bye Device Merry-Go-Around!

Does this sound familiar? “Get off the iPad”, they jump on the TV, “get off the TV”, they sneak to their bedroom and play their Xbox.

Today is the day we get to say goodbye to the Device Merry-Go-Round. Finally, a platform that supports parents through the life-tech balance issues from toddlers through to adulthood. With a massive list of world firsts, ScreenCoach has created one platform that is ‘Psychologist approved’ and grows with your kid’s needs. No need to change platforms throughout their lives, you simply change features as they grow, so it adapts according to your family’s needs.

Nag Free Parenting

Manages Gaming Consoles used on TV’s like Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Wii. Manages TV Screen Time, including free to air, cable TV and streaming services like Netflix, Foxtel, Disney and Nine Now. Manages Tablets, Phones and Laptops. Tracks screen time across all of these devices. Works even when the WiFi is off.

Rewards Kids

We love the philosophy of “Positive Parenting” Hi - ScreenCoach consistently rewards good behaviour / habits. Track and reward your kids for the positive work they do, choose from more screen time, pocket money, or a combo of both. It’s your choice.

Sharing is Caring

Families share TV’s and devices, it’s a daily reality. With ScreenCoach you can set up a profile for each person in the family with their own unique pin, allowing device sharing while tracking each individual kid’s screen time. You know which child has used what screen and for how long and removes siblings arguing over who’s had more time.

Earn Pocket Money

Rewarding good behaviours is a great way to shape your kids habits, ScreenCoach allows you to easily manage rewards, pocket money and activities in one easy platform. The added benefit is teaching the kids the value of money and making your life easier.

Tampering Protection

With multiple features to deter tampering, the Harmony Box comes with an inbuilt backup battery ensuring 24-7 operation. If little fingers keep trying to unplug the box, the harmony box has flashing lights and a buzzer that will alert everyone by sending SMS Notifications so you can sleep well knowing we have one eye open for you.

Get Kids Moving

Active kids are happy, healthy kids! Connect fitness trackers or create exercise goals that keep them moving. If they want more screen time, sure! Go do some physical activity. Or create goals that once achieved will automagically appear as a reward of Tokens they can use for ScreenTime.
More than ever, we lead busy & stressful lifestyles.

We are solving a modern problem with a modern solution.

Our vision is to make a global impact to assist all kids to grow up being well rounded, resilient, emotionally intelligent adults who thrive in this modern world.

We believe technology should allow families to create a more loving home and help structure a more harmonious environment. The founders of ScreenCoach have spoken to many families concerned about their kids' screen time. With the guidance of psychologists, we have developed our product to allow families to enjoy life while empowering young people.


Home Harmony Life Stages

Creating good habits starts at an early age, while your children are toddlers it may feel like it’s too much too soon, but the Psychology of creating great habits stems from teaching good habits early. If you have always eaten carrots, then you will eat them without thinking are they good or bad. The same happens with exposure to technology. Click on your child age below to see what we suggest:


Ages 4 - 8

  • Manage Screen Time
  • Introduce Rewards
  • Introduce Chores
  • Develop Great Home and Tech Habits


Ages 9 - 12

  • Manage Screen Time
  • Introduce Rewards
  • Introduce Chores
  • Manage Gaming Consoles & TV’s with “Harmony Box”
  • Reward Movement
  • Reward Taking Initiative


Ages 13 - 18

  • Manage Screen Time
  • Introduce Rewards
  • Introduce Chores
  • Manage Gaming Consoles & TV’s with “Harmony Box”
  • Reward Movement
  • Reward Taking Initiative

Worried you're starting too late?

It is never too late, child Psychology tells us children thrive with structure, it just takes longer to create health habits the older the children get, so stick with it.

As children grow in independence it is also important to make them part of the process. Have a family meeting, discuss what should be included and help get everyone on the same page

What Parents are Saying

Our Alpha Trials were a huge success, with many families experiencing an immediate improvement in relationships whilst getting the right balance between screens and other activities.

Here’s a snippet of what our Alpha Trial families had to say.

Already seen a MASSIVE improvement in attitudes...The kids love the game aspect and my son did the dishes without being asked!! Who are these kids?! This app is gonna change lives!

AD Gold Coast

I love that MyScreenCoach allows me to get my kids to take control. They want screentime, I want a clean room. It's win win. It is costing me a lot in pocket money, but that’s a great problem to have.

MF SE Queensland

I don’t recognise my daughter, she is making her own breakfast and lunch, riding to school, having a shower without been asked - it is amazing how quickly she has changed

SO Victoria